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Thank you for installing a -driven App onto your device.

Check availability here for iOS.

J.A.R.G.O.N. ( Just A Random Generator Of Numbers ) is a proprietary tool with a unique RG core.
Better odds. Better chances. Use Jargon's Luck.

✓✓ The week of Mar 7th, 2016 : the patch for iPad Air 16gb devices worked and is in the store.

Next update includes: suped-up RG "spree mode".

FYI: each module upgrade will be preceded by a price increase for new installs (so get your price locked-in now).

Plug into Jargon's Luck, utilize a fun -and- multifaceted approach to shifting odds.
(Please note: no guarantee of winning a lottery is attached or implied.)

  • If your iPad suffers from boredom, underachieving app syndrome, compulsive purchasing or "fluffy app" disorder... Jargon's Luck may be for you.
  • If you can predict some #s that will NOT be chosen, you are a candidate for Jargon's Luck. Likely side effects include IMPROVED ODDS.
  • If you or your device experience motion sickness or dizziness, please discontinue running the app in the 'red zone' (decrease speed).
  • If you are not yet convinced that Jargon is right for you, read on.

Jargon's Luck gives you parameter-changing options to generate sets of numbers, based on unlimited combinations of lucky dates, game variables and gut feelings.
        >>> Some options MAY dramatically SHIFT the ODDS into your favor. <<<

Options Grid allows you to change simulator gravity, ball speed, zoom-ins on bar graphs, sound effects, and ball themes.

Settings Grid
Stored Games (icon with filing cabinet) allows you to switch between 11 active lottery games at one time (there are more than 60 available).
Lucky Dates (icon with green shamrock) allows you to store 8 different dates (plus using NO date) to generate number sets. You may alter the dates in unlimited fashion.
Tube Options (icon with suction tube) allows you to "number" each tube. PLUS you may set the loading order of the balls to 'Random' or 'In Sequence' for the Primary and Bonus ball modes.
Unlucky Balls (icon with thumbs-down hand) allows you to use the best classified tool to BETTER YOUR ODDS - you need to buy this app!
Mixing Timing (icon with stopwatch) allows you to control the globe simulator's "choose tube" with automated settings.
Pick-Now Options (icon with -or- without cascading water running in it) allows you to choose a game for the RG Spree, or bundle several games together for a quick Multi-Pick generation of number sets. PLUS, you can truly throw Jargon a curve-ball by allowing a 'cascading metric' to increase randomity of numbers.

This version comes with a "FOREVER" code for additional "theme packs" of optional images + sounds are available.
Lots of freebies to come !
* You can input many lucky dates, not just one !

Future in-app purchases include "battle" stages -and- more! Send us ideas regarding themes you want to see.
Nationally recognized games, USA state games and International games are pre-loaded for immediate play.

Click here to read the original 'introduction' page.

We are readying "battle" stages, different themes for balls (ie. zombies, warriors), and we will take to heart all of your suggestions to our email address.
I am pleased to introduce myself, and NO - I've never been a butler !
JARGON is, well... me, and Jargon is what I do. The heart of my Random Generator runs on the basis of including what you "rule in" -and- excluding what you "rule out". That is a big hint as to why I was coined JARGON, I certainly am not defined as a chattering of birds (be they joyful or otherwise).

This instance of myself is at your service, I will be content to "Just" assist you - and my compatibility should go all the way back to iPad iOS version 6.0 (and fwd to 9+).

Please enjoy this first game of my name, J


More device options soon!
Rich list of current+future features and levels.

Questions? JLsupport@fjhent.com

"Jargon's Luck" has run games: powerball, mega millions, USA states (arkansas, arizona, california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, florida, georgia, idaho, illinois, indiana, kansas, kentucky, louisiana, massachusetts, maryland, maine, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, north+south carolina, north+south dakota, nebraska, new hampshire, new jersey, new mexico, new york, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, pennsylvania, rhode island, tennessee, texas, virginia, vermont, washington, wisconsin, west virginia, wyoming), and generic 49/6 and 45/6 games (such as canada 649).
Also lotto / loto for euro millions, hot lotto, lucky for life, uk thunderball, scandinavian viking, puerto rico revancha, mexico melate, australia mon/wed/sat lottos, new zealand, hungary, japan, hong kong, south africa, france, ireland, italy super enalotto, germany, ukraine, switzerland swiss.